We are an appointment-only facility. If you have any concerns about your pet, call or text us at 813-991-6126.



What to Expect:

You can rest assured that your pet will receive top care and be in loving hands during their stay with us. All pets will enjoy frequent contact with our staff, including 3 walks a day for dogs and playtime for cats. Our Cat Condo is separate from our K9 Hotel to avoid any unnecessary stress, and our boarding areas are climate controlled and have intercom radio so they can listen to music (which is proven to reduce stress in cats and dogs). We understand that each pet is unique and we accommodate to any special needs and requirements (such as medication, etc.). 

Exemption: Please note that we do not board diabetic animals as we do not have 24-hour surveillance. 

Feeding will be done according to the schedule your pet is used to. Is it highly recommended that you bring in your pets food that they are normally used to (especially if it is a special diet), but if you are unable to do so we have our Hill’s Science Diet and Royal Canin food to provide at no extra cost. We can also provide blankets for your pet to lay comfortably on if you are unable to bring your own. Food/water bowls and litter boxes are also provided.

The health of our patients is a top priority at our hospital, so in the interest of good health of all of our boarders we require all pets be on flea/tick preventative. If they are not, we can give a single-dose at a fee (varies depending on type of preventative). We also require that they have certain vaccinations:

Dogs: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella Booster, Intestinal Parasite scan (fecal exam).

Cats: Rabies, FVRCPC, Intestinal Parasite scan (fecal exam).

Affordable Pet Boarding!

Dogs: All sizes/breeds under 100 pounds: $38.80 per night. Over 100 pounds: $51.70 per night.

Cats and Rabbits: $25.90 per night

Other types of animals: $23.30 per night

We request clients dropping off/picking up your pets 30 minutes before closing time so clients can read and sign our required boarding release form and so that we have time to get your pet all settled in before we close. Schedule your pet’s stay with us today!

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